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Eliminating the Destructive and Wealth-Destroying Carbon Tax

The carbon tax is not designed to alter people’s behaviours, as the Liberal Party would have you believe. It is designed to be a reliable revenue stream to pay for their bloated government and bureaucratic nanny statism that none of us signed up for.

When the carbon tax is applied to transport companies, it drives up the cost of everything you purchase. Transport companies are not going to convert to electric-powered tractor trailer units, nor do we have the infrastructure in Canada to facilitate charging them anyway. So, from mining or processing raw materials; to transporting to manufacturing companies; to transporting to wholesalers or retailers; to selling to you as a final consumer, the carbon tax may have been applied three or four times already!

Also, there’s no such thing as a revenue-neutral tax: in order for Ottawa to receive a dollar in taxation and then return it to a taxpayer, at minimum it has to travel through a bank, several bureaucrats’ hands, and then another bank. Those people all need to take a slice of that dollar. This is why Conservatives rightly say of the carbon tax, “It’s all economic pain for no environmental gain.”

We have a national mandate for carbon taxes in each province. BC’s provincial carbon tax was North America’s first carbon tax, and was brought in by the Liberal Party in 2008. A Pierre Poilievre-led government can only end the federal mandate. It is up to British Columbians to force the provincial government to axe their tax.

Balancing Budgets and Paying Off National Debt

It is immoral to burden our children with debt for our temporal comfort. Full stop.

We have become conditioned to governments not saving during periods of economic prosperity, then indulging in Keynesian-style “emergency” spending whenever there’s a crisis. Successive Liberal Governments therefore ensure there’s always a crisis that requires emergency spending.

This vicious cycle has diminished the purchasing power of our paycheques significantly. All the while, $34.7 billion dollars is wasted each year in debt-servicing costs and still we do nothing. We must understand that these are the wages for not being fiscally prudent in decades past. Whatever you believe to be the biggest issue facing Canadians, you have to admit that $34.7 billon per year would go a long way toward solving the issue, no?

Making Canada the Freest and Most Prosperous Country on Earth

Canadians’ freedoms have come under serious and prolonged attack under Justin Trudeau. Whether through the Canada Summer Jobs “attestation” issue in 2019; mobility rights being restricted during the height of the COVID-19 government overreach; politically-motivated freezing of citizens’ bank accounts; or the dangers presented by the Online Harms Act, we need a Conservative Government who will protect Canadians’ Charter rights and freedoms, without prejudice.

Governments must understand that we do not derive our rights from government, rather government must be subservient to its citizens. Therefore, it is government that must be constrained and have their powers considerably reduced, to prevent tyranny against those it seeks to govern.